Age of Sigmar – Da Great South Waaaagghhhh II! UK ITC Championships

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Bournemouth International Centre, Saturday and Sunday, Feb 12th and 13th 2022

Da Great South Waaaaagghhhh! will be invading Beachhead 2022 once again for an 80 player clash taking place over both Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th of February 2022.

Further details coming soon….Tim Martin will once again be your host with his rocket fueled enthusisam.

A painting competition will also be held again in 2022 at the same time in the main event hall.

Tim Martin, our less than stable TO for AOS at Beachhead.

Further information can be found in the tournament pack TBC and any questions can be sent to Tournament Organiser Tim Martin at or by texting 07789 931404 and you’ll receive a call back.

Age of Sigmar at Beachhead 2019!!

Tickets can be purchased here.

Runners and Riders – 58 / 80 as of 1st August 2021.

Don’t miss out…..grab your ticket now!