The Battle Above Scariff : X-Wing Tournament

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Saturday 12th February and Sunday 13th February 2022

Star Wars X-Wing returns to Beachhead 2022 and for the first time it’s a 2 one day tournaments.

Format will be 200 Points – Extended Play – Swiss.
Players will play 3 games on Saturday and then there will be a seperate 3 games of Aces high games on Sunday.

Sunday Aces High – 2 games of small ship 75 points and 1 game medium ship 75 points.

Your ticket also gives you entry to the show on 1 or both of the days depending on the ticket purchased and provision for you to see the show will be built into the timings.
Further details on lists, timings of rounds and regs will be announced nearer the time.

Tickets are £30 for both days and £17.50 for one day and include entry to the show on the day they purchased for.

Players who have already bought tickets prior to this revision will have access to both seperate tournaments and will not be affected by the change.

Prize support will come from Entoyment and others TBC.

Travel, accommodation and dining information can be found here:

Tickets can be purchased here