Kickstarter Playtest Zone

Playtest UK comes to Bournemouth’s tabletop gaming convention! Whether you’ve got a prototype in need of testing, a Kickstarter campaign to promote or an interest in brand new games the Playtest Zone is for you.

This event will run over the two days of the convention. Volunteers will be on hand to invite attendees to playtest games. Designers will be able to book half-day slots in advance of the event and a schedule will be put together nearer the time.

Please note that all users of the zone will need to purchase tickets to the convention. There is no additional charge for using the zone once you are at the show.

This is the first time Playtest UK has been at Beachhead so any specific requests or suggestions please let us know.

For more information or to book a slot at the show please contact the organiser Richard on email at


Olympus Dynasty – Players take on the role of a Greek god or goddess in this hex-based strategy game. Send your heroes to collect artefacts, your armies to conquer cities and your creatures to mess things up as you strive to become the mightiest Olympian!

Cradle of Life – Plays like a euro Smallworld and Civilization rolled together. In this game, you will evolve a creature from primal ooze to the industrial age by killing, converting, trading, taxing and outbreeding your rivals.

Skattarak – The King of Skattarak is old and dying, and his power, although still great, is waning. Players will jostle for the power and the right to declare themselves the next King or Queen of Skattarak. But whilst they struggle amongst themselves they must not…cannot……forget that while he still lives, the King must be obeyed…..

Peepers – Pile cards to hide the eyes of everyone else’s monsters.

Drags to Riches – Drags 2 Riches is a push your luck deck-builder that empowers you to live your drag truth. Build up your wardrobe of outfits, hair, heels and more whilst working on your showstopping look, ready to reveal at the perfect moment and outshine your rival queens.

Spawn – A tactical strategy game which immerses players in to the unknown world of insect warfare. Two players will go head-to-head spawning insects from their egg pool and battling it out against one another for domination of their species. Be careful though, as certain events will occur causing chaos and a quick change of tactics.

The Dare – An assymetric head-to-head game. Play as either The Kid, a teenager dared to enter an old factory, or the crazed AI hunting and killing intruders. Use special abilities from doors, generators and machines to aid you over six terrifying rounds.

The Family – An elimination card game with a gangster theme. Win by taking out your opponents and send them sleeping with the fishes. Coming to Kickstarter March 1st!