Maximal Fire – Adeptus Titanicus Tournament

Beachhead Tabletop Games Show at the Bournemouth International Centre on Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th February 2022
Scoring – The event will use a two faction Swiss-system with the top players from each side paired against one another after game one, which is randomly drawn.
Battlegroup Size – 1,750pts
Game Length – 2.5 Hours
Board Size – 4×4
Number of Games – Five
Scenarios – Chosen beforehand by Organiser, listed below. All rules are taken from the Open Engine War cards pack.

Prizes – 1st Loyalist, 1st Traitor, 2nd Loyalist, 2nd Traitor, 3rd Loyalist, 3rd Traitor, Best Painted, Most Sporting Player, Most Engine Kills.

Painting – All models should be painted with at least three colours including shading and based as standard.

Tickets are purchased as Loyalist and Traitor, please make sure that you purchase the correct one that you will be playing.

Full rules pack : here

Tickets here :

This event has now sold out!!!

Adeptus Titanicus gets it’s first outing at Beachhead 2022.

Event Timetable
8:30-9:00 – registration
9:00-9:15 – welcome plus information and instructions
9:15-11:45 – game 1
11:45-12:30 – lunch
12:30-15:00 – game 2
15:10-17:40 – game 3
17:45-18:00 – go home.
9:30-12:00 – game 4
12:00-12:45 – lunch
13:30-16:00 – game 5
16:10–16:30 – prizes and go home.